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Steven Spielberg and Chris Pratt in new Indiana Jones movie

New Indiana Jones movie with Spielberg and Pratt?

Steven Spielberg and Chris Pratt in new Indiana Jones movie

If this is so, it’s on like Donkey Kong.

I was on the fence about Chris Pratt taking up the whip and fedora, but I really like the guy and he has a good look for the character, so I’ve come around; but if Steven Spielberg continues directing these movies . . . holy shit, I’m in.

Check out this article from Deadline, which broke this rumor:


Steven Spielberg shot by shot

Steven Spielberg: Shot by Shot

I had studied Steven Spielberg while I was in film school and working in Hollywood. This video posted by Antonios Papantoniou breaking down shots from Jaws is essentially what I used to do at night with my DVD collection and a few notebooks. I’m a proponent of studying master filmmakers, writers, or whoever and dissecting/analyzing their methods in order to understand the magic of their art.

If you want to understand what makes Steven Spielberg special, check out this video:

STEVEN SPIELBERG Shot By Shot from Antonios Papantoniou on Vimeo.

Suspend Your Disbelief

It’s probably one of the toughest things for an audience to do; suspending disbelief requires losing rationality, logic, and factors of probability. For an artist (particularly a writer and filmmaker), getting their audience to believe that the impossible is possible is extremely tricky and often done incorrectly, leaving the audience sour or flat-out irritated. I’m not going tell you how to correctly go about getting an audience to believe in the impossible—that would require a level of arrogance I don’t have—instead, I’m going to draw attention to a couple of artists who successfully convinced me to believe, as well as a couple of artists who almost failed, and did fail, at doing so.

Steven Spielberg is quite possibly the king of getting me to believe. A great example of this gift is represented in the movie Jaws, particularly with the ending.

Had I never seen the movie and had no idea what was going to happen, and if you told me that in the movie Jaws, a small-town sherif lays on the tip of a sinking boat that a gigantic great white single handedly sunk, and fires a hunting rifle at an oxygen tank stuck in the jaws of this great white and blows it to smithereens, I would probably tell you, “Sounds like the worst movie of all time.” However that is not the case. Jaws was the highest grossing film, ever (at the time of its release). It destroyed the competition. Everyone had to see it for one reason: It scared the piss out of them!  Continue reading

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