The Sinner King: Book of Fire


Ripped apart and separated by 3,500 years, two souls are about to reunite. . . .

Time magazine journalist William Coulee was covering the war in Iraq when he met a mysterious beauty unlike any woman before. Rebecca Badeau was supposed to be a volunteer helping restore the National Museum; however, it was only a cover for her real mission: locating a world-altering power not seen since the reign of King Solomon. But when tragedy struck — and Rebecca was killed — William was left to pick up the pieces. He uncovered Rebecca’s secret and discovered an unbelievable truth about life after death — one that went beyond his accepted reality . . . and spirituality.

Thousands of years later, William’s journey is discovered, and its shocking outcome is revealed; however, the person doing the discovering isn’t ready for what she reads or the terrible effect it has on her life. Where William’s quest ended, Rebecca Badeau’s re-begins — launching an epic race to recover the biblical power before it falls into evil’s hands . . . for a second time.

Amid terrifying twists and heart-pounding suspense, The Sinner King: Book of Fire is an action-packed enigma filled with captivating history and perplexing predicaments that will leave the reader mystified and pleading for more.

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